Sunday, July 10, 2016

You Can't Do This Backwards

Having returned from a stay-cation invigorated with new thoughts...

There was a time in the world of enterprise software when one could snap up some cool, interesting technology and figure out a way to leverage the new, shiny stuff in a way that benefited the enterprise.  Those days are long gone, if for no other reason than the enterprise software vendors are cranking out new applications, tools and technology far too quickly for a technology-centric user to keep up.  My own employer, Oracle, releases Cloud products at a rate of several per month.  Think about that for a minute:  we're not talking patches or releases, but entirely new products.  That's mind boggling.

In the age of fast and furious enterprise software development, you have to think the business results out ahead to time - what are your desired results or end states?  Then acquire the tech you need to make those desires reality (keeping in mind that you can often use what you already have).  

You can't do this backwards anymore, because it's so easy to get lost in a sea awash in products.

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